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1914 - 1918

The First World War Started on August 4th 1914, this was the day Great Britain entered one of the bloodiest conflicts in history.  The losses in this conflict were felt in almost every town and village in the United Kingdom, including New Whittington where many families lost relatives and friends - 85 people from New Whittington died during this conflict, a large number for such a small village.

The Royal British Legion has organised events to coincide with the centenary of the First World War, and Every Man Remembered is part of The Royal British Legion’s First World War centenary commemorations, which will take place over the next five years. The aim of Every Man Remembered is that those from across the Commonwealth, who fell in the First World War, will be remembered.

WW1 Commemoration

Along with the rest of the nation the church marked the Centenary of the start of the First World War by opening its doors on the 4th August so that those who wished to could come in to the church and light a candle in remembrance of those who died. There was coffee and refreshments available, and the church was decorated with poppies. In a poignant service at night the names of those from New Whittington who fell in the First World war were read out and a candle lit for each one, then at 11pm the lights in church were extinguished to mark the time that war was declared.

Inside Saint Barnabas church is a memorial to those from New Whittington who fell in both World Wars. We want to try and bring the names of those on the Memorial alive by creating a document, which will be available in the church, and will contain information, stories and photos of them. To this end we need your help - if you have any photos, details or stories about these soldiers please email them to:- revjomorris@gmail.com, or post to:- Jo Morris, The Rectory, 84 Church Street North, Old Whittington, Chesterfield S41 9QP.

Below are the lists of names of those on the War Memorial who died in First and Second World Wars, if you click on a list you will be taken to a page containing more details about most of those killed in that War.

Far left - The Church Bell at the foot of the War Memorial with Remembrance Day Poppies.

Left - The War Memorial in the Church.

Below Left - Candles are lit as the names are read out, and the font with the diary open at August 4th.

Below - The doors of the church open with the memorial in the background.

H. Adams

J.A. Andrews

J. Belfitt

W.A. Belfitt

G.H. Bennison

J.  Bennison

G. Booth

J.B. Booth

E.H. Burton

A. Calliss

T. Clewley

J. Collins

A. Cooke

E. Cooper

Alb. Cox

Art. Cox

J. Craig

D. Cresswell

G. Crosdale

N.H. Crossdill

A. Croysdale

L.W. Davidson

A. Freeman

W. Furness

W. Gardner

E. Gilberthorpe

A. Goodwin

W. Gower

H. Green

H. Griffin

J.W. Hall

A. Heeley

J.E. Holdroyd

W.B. Houston

W. Husband

W.E. Jacklin

J.J. Kirk

W.C. Kirk

J.P. Leeson

H. Letts

W.H. Lockett

J.C.  Longden

W. Longmate

G.S. Martin

F. Maskery

G.H. Mears

H. Milliband

B. Millington

A.J. Mitchell

F. Mitchell

W.P. Morley

F.W. Musgrove

W. Musgrove

W. Needham

J. Nurse

T. O'Brien

W. Parkin

A.C. Perks

G.E. Pratt

A. Purkiss

T.H. Roberts

V. Roberts

N. Rose

J. Rush

W. Savage

F. Sharman

H.G. Skevington

W.  Skevington

J. Smith

H. Straw,

J.A. Straw,

D.R. Stuart

H. Tart

W.H. Tolley

J. Vaughan

J. Wardle

A. Warren

H. Warren

W. Warren

A. Wedgwood

F.A. Whithorn

B.L. Wilson

W. Wood

T.W. Yates

H. Young

C. Buxton,

L. Brown,

S. Bramley,

R.G. Cooke,

T. Clewley,

A. Dunkley,

J. Gill,

S. McGiven,

H. Huddless

G. Marsden,

F. Moore,

A. O’Brien,

G. Rawlinson,

W. Ruane,

T. Ryan,





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